SusPhos partners with Europe’s largest sludge incinerator to build first-of-its-kind phosphate recycling factory

March 13, 2024

UvA spin-off SusPhos partners with Europe’s largest sludge incinerator, Slibverwerking Noord-Brabant (SNB), to build first-of-its-kind phosphate recycling factory. SusPhos is a company focused on upcycling phosphate rich waste streams that can for instance replace current fossil-sourced fertilizers. The founder, CEO, and face of SusPhos is Marissa de Boer, who completed her PhD at the University of Amsterdam, and won the Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award 2019 in the earlier stages of the recycling technology.

Phosphate as a vital source

Phosphate plays a vital role in global food production, as it is one of key components in used in fertilizers. SusPhos’ innovative technology aims to make large-scale phosphate recycling from wastewater into a reality. With a strong focus on sustainability, the process minimizes chemical usage and energy consumption, while avoiding the creation of wastewater flow.

Building a new phosphate recycling factory

After winning a European tender application, SusPhos has joined a collaboration with N.V. Slibverwerking Noord-Brabant (SNB) to initiate this innovative project that will revolutionize phosphate recycling. SNB, the largest sludge incinerator in Europe, is set to build a first-of-its-kind phosphate recycling factory at the Moerdijk industrial estate. This groundbreaking facility will utilize SusPhos’ multi-patented technology to recover phosphate from secondary sources like fly ash, contributing to a circular wastewater and sludge chain.

Video about SusPhos’ work on phosphate recycling

The first-of-its-kind phosphate recycling factory will mark a significant step towards sustainable resource management and environmental innovation. Watch the video below with Marissa de Boer and UvA researcher Chris Slootweg to get a sense of SusPhos’ entrepreneurial journey and how this innovation is contributing to the circular economy.

Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award winners Slootweg & De Boer: creating circular phosphate economy (