The climate agreement inspires to join forces

February 7, 2019

On 29 January professionals from both beta and gamma disciplines gathered at Amsterdam Science Park to share and to learn on techno-economic solutions for the conversion of carbon dioxide, carbon sequestration in agricultural soil, geo-energy supply and the re-use of plastics.

The Amsterdam Green Campus brings together professionals from academia, applied science and vocational education to extend the curricula for a sustainable future and to lay the foundation for future public-private research partnerships.

With respect to the topic of carbon sequestration in agricultural soil, the opportunity presented itself to link detailed crop information from farmers (available via Clusius MBO) in North Holland and Flevoland (via AERES HBO) with detailed satellite imaging (via Prof. Bas van Wesemael).

During the afternoon symposium Prof. Gert-Jan Gruter stated that, if we (humans) continue this way, the ratio fish to plastic will be 1:1 in 2050. There lies the major challenge;  developing new materials (for re-use) from sustainable renewable feedstock.  So  the joint mission for players such as Avantium, UvA HIMS, HBO Life Sciences & Chemistry is to make this happen.

This event has been a good example of how Amsterdam Green Campus contributes in creating the necessary conditions for new developments and realize them.