The Spring ’21 Incubation Program of ACE kicked off!

May 9, 2021

ACE presents the 14 innovative startups part of the Spring ’21 edition of their incubation program. In total, they have received over 170 applications, of which 35 startups were invited to pitch in front of team ACE and their mentors. On Monday May 3, the first session of their 10-week program took place online.

Amsterdam university startups were well presented with 10 startups in the program:

Anywyse – UvA
Startup Sector: Platform / EdTech
Founders: Carolina Posma, Julien Jukema
Website: T.B.A.
One-liner: Anywyse is revolutionizing the conventional study methods by providing students all around the globe the freedom to study via audio material so they can become wiser, anywhere they want. – UvA -/ VU
Startup Sector: Platform / Hospitality
Founders: Paulo Alting van Geusau, Derek de Jonge van Zwijnsbergen
One-liner: provides a centralized platform for digital services that effortlessly connects businesses and their customers on-site in real-time.

Hackki – HvA
Startup Sector: Software / Hardware / EdTech
Founders: Martijn Fleurkens, Jessica Helaskosi, Quinten Clephas, Jessica Livon
Website: T.B.A.
One-liner: Hackki is a gamified quest-based learning platform where students build a 21st century smart city. The learning experience is complemented with physical hardware challenges.

Health Curious – UvA / Amsterdam UMC
Startup Sector: Platform / Health & Wellness
Founders: Robin Laird, Jesse Hoogland
One-liner: Health Curious is a place to find and book health coaches, because healthy living is easier with support.

Helpdose – UvA / VU
Startup Sector: SaaS / Health & Wellness
Founders: Aly Buydoon, Aal Moghrabi, Rabih Abou Eid, Tatyana Halabi
One-liner: Helpdose is helping experts to keep track of their: bookings, schedules, payments, accounting, communication with clients, as well as branding, and presenting themselves in the best way possible.

Omnia – UvA / HvA / Amsterdam UMC
Startup Sector: AI / Computational Science
Founders: Adil Ayi, Marwan el Morabet
One-liner: Omnia has created an innovative crowd simulation model called “workspace modelling”. The aim of this model is to provide decision-makers in companies with the necessary tools to make data-driven reopening decisions.

PreActive – VU
Startup Sector: Platform, Health & Wellness
Founders: David Xian, Aniek Verberne
One-liner: PreActive is an employee wellness platform that provides users with access to physical health & workstation ergonomic screenings and, from this, provides them with personalized exercise programs and visual workstation ergonomic guidance.

Redistri – HvA
Startup Sector: Platform / ICT / Logistics
Founders: Jelle Mieldijk, Abhilash Aryal
One-liner: Redistri is a Dutch national trucking platform that offers its customers access to its combined truck load network. This service combines cargo from the approximate departure region to the approximate destination region together in one truck load, eliminating the need for hubs.

SendMate – VU
Startup Sector: Platform / Marketing
Founders: Tjibbe Beckers, Dennis van Dalen
One-liner: SendMate is a B2B gifting platform for companies that want to WOW their customers and employees by automating their corporate gifting at scale.

Startup Sector: SaaS / Sports Technology
Founders: Daniel Müller, David Mann
Website: T.B.A.
One-liner: VROOM is a virtual 3D room to accelerate tactical sports training.

ACE is the university incubator of UvA, VU, Amsterdam UMC and HvA.