Three HvA startup’s awarded with HBO-Take Off grant

January 12, 2023

Last december three out of nine HBO Take-Off grants by SIA have been awarded to HvA startup teams. Each startup will be granted € 40.000 to continue their research on the development of their innovative startups. Rollar, WasteBase and SwitchCase started their entrepreneurial journey at HvA’s 10K Incubator program.

These three startups aim to develop innovative products that can make a social impact and/or sustainable difference for a better future. Each of them started with an idea and nurtured it to a feasible and realistic product during the 10K Incubator program. Afterwards they went the extra mile to obtain grants in order to bring their innovative and socially impactful products to market with the guidance and support from the HvA Venture Center and IXA. With these grants the startup teams can research technical and economic opportunities and risks of their startup idea. Their endurance proved to be successful as one out of third of the chosen HBO Take-Off participants were student startup teams from AUAS.


The student entrepreneurs at Rollar developed a walking cane with an innovative ball at the tip for people with blindness and those that are visually impaired. The Roller ball can rotate 360 degrees which makes it easier to roll over resistive objects and lasts longer than other walking canes. With this grant, Rollar plans to develop multiple prototypes so they can test the functionality in longer-term use of a cane that contains the Rollar ball.


Anyone traveling needs the necessary space to carry personal belongings. The SwitchCase entrepreneurs developed a convenient rental service for travel cases in different sizes. During the feasibility study, SwitchCase aims to conduct a market survey of consumer wants and needs to find out if their rental service has the potential to serve as a sustainable alternative in the future.


Residual materials from the Dutch industry often end up in residual waste. WasteBase team saw an opportunity to make these materials innovatively sustainable through offering the materials to student designers and startups. To realize this WasteBase want to develop a platform where producers can offer their residual materials for a reasonable price. With the HBO Take-Off grant, this startup plans to develop and test their online platform with both target groups.

About HvA’s 10 K program

HvA Bachelor students have access to the 10k Pre incubator program. The program offers coaching and guidance in developing innovative and/ or sustainable ideas into a start-up during a 20 week program.