UvA spin-off Eddytec receives financing from Innovation Fund North Holland

November 29, 2023

Eddytec B.V., a spin-off of Dr. Rudolf Sprik of the Institute of Physics of the University of Amsterdam and colleagues, has received a convertible loan of €300,000 from the North Holland Innovation Fund. Eddytec is developing an advanced hardware and software solution to make maintenance and quality control of carbon fiber composite parts in aircraft faster, easier and more affordable.

Eddytec founders Dr Rudolf Sprik, Dr Alina Chanaewa, and Dr Christiaan Schoemaker

Eddytec’s innovative approach makes it possible to detect defects and damage (such as cracks and delamination) in aircraft parts made of carbon fiber composites using eddy current technology. This non-contact, non-destructive testing method can achieve high speeds and simplify the measuring process through automation. The use of this technology is expected to reduce inspection and maintenance costs and at the same time increase the available flying time of aircraft.

Throughout the life cycle of carbon fiber composites, quality control and structural health monitoring are necessary due to the complex structure of the material. Non-destructive testing is required during composite production, part manufacturing, use and recycling. Fast and efficient quality testing with eddy currents will reduce waste, save costs and increase the quality of the composites. This will enable cost reductions for carbon fiber composite parts and assemblies, allowing further development of key technologies and carbon fiber innovation to trickle down to areas and markets that previously could not support the high costs of the material, but would benefit from the introduction of composites. This includes parts for the automotive industry, medical and sports equipment, and everyday consumer products.

Dr Alina Chanaewa, co-founder and CEO of Eddytec: “I am convinced that our technology, developed at the University of Amsterdam and the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, will not only contribute to faster and more cost-effective maintenance procedures in the aviation industry, but will also be a valuable tool in the production and recycling of composites. The North Holland Innovation Fund will support the first crucial steps to convert this technology into a product.”

Dr Rudolf Sprik, associate professor at the UvA and co-founder of Eddytec: “Fundamental research in a university research laboratory can have surprising applications in technology. The use of eddy currents for testing carbon composites is a good example of this.”

Dr Christiaan Schoemaker, lecturer at Hogeschool van Amsterdam and co-founder of Eddytec: “By using the latest software and hardware developments, Eddy currents can enable the aviation industry to expand their detection for carbon fiber composites, something that has been a challenge until now. has been. Taking into account the need for more specialized NDT equipment to inspect carbon composite structures, an opportunity is seen: Eddy currents will most likely become one of the key technologies within the market.”

Wouter Keij, Fund Manager Innovation Fund North Holland: “By applying carbon fiber composites in the aircraft industry, more efficient flying can be achieved with fewer emissions. The current complex methods for quality control on these carbon fiber composites is a limited/limiting factor in the application of these materials. Eddytec technology allows quality checks to be carried out faster and cheaper, which increases the applicability of these materials.”

About Eddytec

Eddytec was founded by Dr. Alina Chanaewa, Dr. Rudolf Sprik and Dr. Christiaan Schoemaker. Eddytec is developing a hardware and software solution to make maintenance and quality control of carbon fiber composite parts in aircraft faster, easier and more affordable. See www.eddytec.eu.