Amsterdam UMC spin-off inSteps launches as company

September 27, 2023

inSteps, born as a spin-off from the University of Amsterdam, is now taking its official form as inSteps B.V.. The company employs in-silico modelling technology, aimed at propelling advancements in the treatment of severe strokes. After participating in the Proefdiervrij Venture Challenge 2022 last year and finishing its preparatory phase with seed funding, inSteps looks ahead, harbouring objectives for its future in the world of healthcare innovation.

Treatment for severe strokes
Stroke is a major contributor to both death and disability in Europe. Thrombectomy, a crucial treatment for severe strokes caused by large vessel blockages, faces significant challenges in development and implementation. With a mere 10% success rate in introducing new stroke treatments, there’s a pressing need for faster, more efficient, and cost-effective solutions. inSteps introduces an advanced in-silico modelling platform designed for developing, testing, and evaluating endovascular devices. With this, they offer a solution to accelerate the adoption of life-saving treatments for millions of people affected by acute ischemic strokes, thereby addressing a critical healthcare need.

The innovative advanced in-silico modelling platform
An advanced in-silico modelling platform refers to a sophisticated computer-based system designed to simulate and model complex medical processes and scenarios, such as stroke and its treatment. In this context, it is employed to test different stent designs across various patient anatomies and clot types before embarking on costly clinical trials. These in-silico models enable the thorough evaluation and improved implementation of novel treatments for different sub-populations.

Founding inSteps
Born from the University of Amsterdam,  was founded in 2023 by Prof. Henk Marquering, Dr. Praneeta Konduri, Dr. Nerea Arrarte Terreros and Dr. Thomas Kerbusch. They hail from the Departments of Radiology & Nuclear Medicine, Biomedical Engineering & Physics at Amsterdam UMC-AMC.  

The mission of inSteps is to support device manufacturers (business-to-business services) in designing, testing, and launching new stroke treatment devices to provide acute ischemic stroke patients with better life-saving treatments. At the moment, the company offers 4 different modules: 

  • Module 1 – Virtual stroke population.  
  • Module 2 – Finite element thrombectomy models.  
  • Module 3 – Stroke disease model.  
  • Module 4 – In-silico trial platform 

Current plans
Upon incorporation, the company now prepares for a commercial launch, as CEO Thomas Kerbusch states:  

“We’ve refined our business plan with market research and pilot projects. The Proefdiervrij Venture Challenge was instrumental in formulating the business opportunity, and the seed funding from NWO Take-Off I and a DCVA voucher have enabled us during the preparatory phase. Centralizing expertise and securing additional funding under a Proof of Concept grant are next. We’re also initiating commercial projects with third parties – the device manufacturers – to focus on marketing and sales for our in-silico methodologies.” 

There’s more? Future vision
Upon successful commercialization of in-silico thrombectomy in a business-to-business offering and in continued collaboration with device developers, the next frontier for the company is the patient’s bedside; making in-silico-supported personalized bedside treatment a reality.