Venture Centre IXA-HvA now located at Studio HvA @Amstelcampus

July 2, 2024

The Venture Centre IXA-HvA has announced that it is prominently located at Studio HvA from now on! This new home reflects their commitment to being an accessible and integral part of the entrepreneurial landscape at the HvA.  

The Studio HvA serves as more than just a location for our 10K Incubation Program; it’s a vibrant hub for all HvA students feeling entrepreneurial, and a home where they can nurture their innovative ideas and concepts. The community space is designed to foster innovation and collaboration among HvA students, offering a dynamic environment where ideas can flourish.  

The Venture Centre, as part of IXA-HvA, is on a mission to support the development of entrepreneurial competences across the entire HvA student community. By relocating to Studio HvA, the centre is better positioned to engage with students, teachers, and researchers, providing a central and inviting space for all who are passionate about entrepreneurship. 

Whether you are looking to integrate any of the Venture Centre programmes into your curriculum, or whether you want explore collaboration opportunities, the doors are open.  

You can find the Venture Centre in near proximity of the HvA Makers Lab:
Studio Hogeschool van Amsterdam, office space 00C12 (located on the square behind Kohnstammhuis).
Eerste Boerhaavestraat 33E, 1091 RZ Amsterdam