VU spin-off Beyond Weather secures 250K investment for AI climate expertise

May 29, 2024

Amsterdam spin-off Beyond Weather secures an investment of €250,000 via TTT-AI funds (managed by LUMO Labs) for further development of its AI technology for long-range weather and impact forecasting. Beyond Weather leverages extensive climate expertise and cutting-edge AI developments.

Beyond Weather’s AI-driven models offer timely, interpretable and actionable forecasts that enable the energy and agricultural sectors to anticipate high-risk weather events further in advance than ever before. This predictive capability allows businesses to effectively manage risks, reduce costs, and increase profitability by pre-emptively addressing potential impacts such as crop damage.

Jannes van Ingen, CEO of Beyond Weather stated, “Beyond Weather originated from a dedicated team of climate scientists at VU Amsterdam. We care about the risks of climate change, and we work passionately every day to bring predictability and actionability to society. We are immensely excited to have LUMO Labs on our side in this journey”.

LUMO Labs is an impact-driven venture capital fund focused on AI/Data.“Although we must all press on with our efforts to stop and reverse climate change, there is no denying that amid escalating climate change-induced weather events, today and in the foreseeable future, accurate forecasts are crucial,” says Andy Lurling, Founding Partner of LUMO Labs. “Our investment will accelerate the implementation of Beyond Weather’s pioneering AI solutions, strengthening global weather prediction and enhancing climate resilience.”

This investment follows earlier funding from TTT-AI, NWO and Rabobank for the development and successful validation of Beyond Weather’s technology.

About TTT-AI

Thematic Technology Transfer Artificial Intelligence (TTT-AI) is a collaborative alliance between the Knowledge Transfer Offices (KTO’s) of eight universities and medical centres, national research institute CWI and LUMO Labs.

Spin-off Beyond Weather

Beyond Weather has VU scientist Dim Coumou as its chief scientific officer. For more information visit the website.