Winning pitch from Eddytec at Sustainable Aviation Futures 2024

May 29, 2024

Eddytec B.V. won the pitch contest at the Sustainable Aviation Futures 2024 Congress, recognized by a jury of industry experts. Their technology, crucial for advancing carbon fiber composites in aviation, supports making planes lighter and more sustainable. Eddytec, a University of Amsterdam spin-off, also secured a €300,000 convertible loan last year from the North Holland Innovation Fund to enhance maintenance and quality control of aircraft composite parts.

Sustainable Aviation Futures 2024 Congress

Eddytec B.V. has emerged victorious at the pitch contest held during the Sustainable Aviation Futures (SAF) 2024 Congress. This accolade is a significant recognition from a jury comprising industry experts, as well as the engaged audience.

This award underscores the pivotal role Eddytec’s technology will play in advancing the use of carbon fiber composites within the aviation sector. Their innovation is essential for creating lighter, more sustainable aircraft, aligning perfectly with the industry’s drive toward sustainability.

UvA spin-off

Eddytec B.V. is a notable spin-off from the Institute of Physics at the University of Amsterdam, founded by Dr. Rudolf Sprik and his colleagues. The company has recently secured a €300,000 convertible loan from the North Holland Innovation Fund to further their development. Their cutting-edge hardware and software solution revolutionizes the maintenance and quality control processes of carbon fiber composite parts in aircraft, making them faster, easier, and more cost-effective.


The recognition at SAF24 and the financial backing from the North Holland Innovation Fund are significant milestones for Eddytec. These accomplishments not only validate their innovative approach but also highlight the growing importance of sustainable practices in aviation. Eddytec’s advancements promise to play a crucial role in the industry’s ongoing efforts to reduce carbon emissions and enhance overall sustainability.