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Putting your research results to work in clinical practice

Cancer Center Amsterdam has a dedicated IXA alliance office to assist oncology researchers in creating value from their expertise and discoveries

The impact journey of HvA spin-off Hipper Therapeutics

In this video, HvA researchers Ben Kröse and Margriet Pol share how their practice-based research project led to the rehabilitation support product Hipper and the establishment of the first HvA spin-off Hipper Therapeutics BV Theme’s in this video Development and Impact practice-based research | product development | exploitation plan | impact | knowledge-intensive entrepreneurship | […]

Entrepreneurial journey of Imran Avci (VU Amsterdam)

It was love at first sight: Imran and photonics. After doing lots of research, participating in the Demonstrator Lab with various projects, experiencing the Amsterdam Science Innovation Awards and receiving the Physics2Market grant, Imran is now the founder of the start-up Rapid Photonics. At IXA, we were curious to find out about her entrepreneurial journey.

Entrepreneurship journey of VU spin-off Optics11

Talking on Dutch television about Optics11 and the collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Defence, raising €5 million in funding for superior life science instruments and selling products worldwide: Vrije Universiteit spin-off Optics11 is scaling up. At IXA, we were curious to find out about their journey.

Impact story of Melvyn Roerdink (VU Amsterdam)

How to make impact with your research and what does it take to go from an idea to a product or service. Melvyn Roerdink is Associate Professor Technology in Motion at the Department of Human Movement Sciences (FGB) at VU and tells about the augmented reality queuing application, Holocue, he developed for people with Parkinson’s. […]

Story of Sue Gibbs (ACTA / Amsterdam UMC)

How to make an impact with your research and what does it take to go from idea to product or service. Watch the video of Sue Gibbs, regenerative medicine ACTA / Amsterdam UMC. She explains how her research contributed in making a lasting impact.

Story of Maaike van Rest (VU Amsterdam)

How to make an impact with your research and what does it take to go from idea to product or service. Watch the video of Maaike van Rest. Maaike explains what has helped her to bring an idea to the market in the shape of a product.

Patenting: steps to bring innovation to the clinic

To make innovations in health care quickly accessible for patients, it is vital to assign value and significance to inventions (=valorization). One way to valorize is to protect the novel intellectual property by a patent. The patent underlines the importance of the finding and grants value, which is necessary for clinical development and implementation. Have […]

Entrepreneurship Education

Developing high-quality entrepreneurship education – Amsterdam’s higher education institutions have been working closely together on this since 2008. This was done in the IXAnext valorisation program between 2016 and 2021. We proudly present the main results of the IXAnext program: Ten Amsterdam entrepreneurship cases; Post experience education for alumni; Blended learning modules; A mentoring platform […]

Five years of Amsterdam Venture Studios

The academic incubator facility Amsterdam Venture Studios has found its place in the heart of five campus locations in Amsterdam (Startup Village on Amsterdam Science Park, LawHub on Roeterseiland, AVS VU Campus, AVS Humanities Lab on City Centre Campus, HvA Venture Centre at the campus in Zuidoost and AVS ahti near AMC also in Zuidoost). […]