A few minor tweaks, a slick design and it’s ready for use

Apply existing eye-tracking technology for the development of a state-of-the art digital instrument for orthoptic strabismus measurements. This clever idea by physicist Bob van Dijk is now nearly a reality with Laméris Ootech, a Dutch supplier of orthoptic practice equipment. In his office at VUmc Van Dijk proudly demonstrates his almost perfectly functioning prototype. “A few minor tweaks, a slick design and it’s ready for use”.

According to orthoptist Jacqueline Krijnen, closely involved with the development, the new instrument offers a major step forward in strabismus measurement. Currently a variety of simple handheld devices are used, their relative inaccuracy being the most important factor for the high rate of repeated surgeries in strabismus correction. Krijnen expects the new instrument to significantly improve the surgery results, especially with children who lack the peace and focus required for accurate measurement using the current devices. For Krijnen and Van Dijk the secret to success lies in the close cooperation between technician, clinician and the company involved. For them the contribution of the IXA business developers in initiating and guiding this cooperation has been crucial. Van Dijk: “I’m an inventor, not an entrepreneur or marketeer.” Krijnen: “I really enjoyed the cooperation. I can’t wait to see Bob’s idea becoming clinically relevant.”