Define your short and long term value

Frans Feldberg is one of the founders of the Amsterdam Center for Business Analytics research institute, which valorises knowledge in the field of big data, data science and business analytics. Data Science Alkmaar also emerged from this initiative: a knowledge and innovation center in which the local government, regional business community and science work closely together.

“In valorization, it is very important to think carefully about the exchange of values ​​between the organizations you work with and the team of scientists. There is often a tension between the period in which science yields results, which usually involves more years, and the short period in which companies expect results, driven by their business case. That is why you as a scientist must properly define what your value is in the short, medium and long term.

For example, a company that invests in a PhD student does not want to see the result of the collaboration until after four years. We therefore, for example, organize knowledge transfer sessions during the process that are of interest to both parties. The partner receives the latest scientific insights, while we benefit from his practical experience and reflection on our research. What the value exchange in valorisation projects looks like is different in every situation. Fortunately, IXA offers tailor-made support for contract formation. “