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Less pain, more scientific value

When Ard den Heeten, professor of Radiology teamed up with his AMC colleague Kees Grimbergen, professor of Medical Technology, a new approach to mammography was born. It has been developed upon Grimbergen’s observation of a serious flaw in the current mammogram procedure: the establishment of a standard force of the so-called “paddle” compressing the breasts. […]

More effective surgery through improved alignment of bone segments

Iwan Dobbe is bringing the benefits of modern 3D image analysis and printing technology to the clinic. As a researcher at the Biomedical Engineering and Physics department at AMC he devised a method for the design and production of a patient-specific plate for the alignment of bone segments. It requires a single CT scan, preoperative […]

Valorisation for the humanities is attractive

For the humanities, collaborating with ICT companies is truly fascinating and rewarding.

Valorisation in medical technology

These are exciting times for Dave Koolbergen, congenital cardiac surgeon at AMC. With his company Haermonics he hopes to bring a new technology to market for postoperative pericardial flushing. It was developed upon his observation that after heart surgery often the removal of accumulated blood and clots can be achieved by flushing the pericardial space […]

Vibrational Circular Dichroism

Measurement capacity to identify absolute configuration and enantiomeric purity Experience in theoretical spectra computations Quantum chemical analyses of VCD spectra At the Molecular Photonics group at chemistry department of the UvA the research group led by Prof. dr. Wybren Jan Buma has two dedicated Vibrational Circular Dichroism spectrometers for recording experimental spectra. On top of […]