Stories of Physics2Market Fund

The Physics2Market fund offered researchers the opportunity to take physics research from lab to society. For example, by building a prototype or proof-of-concept study, collaborations with companies emerged. Raoul Frese – assistant professor at the Faculty of Science, Biophysics Photosynthesis/Energy at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam – received the last Physics2Market subsidy to further develop material to substitute mineral wool in greenhouses. Another example is Mazi Jalaal, assistant professor at the Institute of Physics at the University of Amsterdam. He received a Physics2Market grant to work out his idea on a new technique to measure the mechanical properties of soft materials, based on image processing and artificial intelligence. The fund was eligible for Researchers (permanent staff, incl. tenure track) of HvA, UvA, VU, Amsterdam UMC, Amolf and Nikhef.