Entrepreneurship in Education

Promoting and developing entrepreneurship education

To bring entrepreneurship education in Amsterdam to a higher level, a variety of initiatives have been developed and installed.

  • Entrepreneurship cases for educational purposes
  • Mentor Matching platform Startup and Running
  • Pilots Blended Learning

Inspiring Amsterdam cases for entrepreneurship education

Teachers active in entrepreneurship education have access to so called Entrepreneurship Cases. A variety of teaching cases featuring successful new ventures from the Amsterdam region, covering all sorts of topics. In the Tony Chocolonely case the focus lies on social entrepreneurship. The fintech case SRXP covers the development and growth of a young entrepreneur. The Next Web case covers the employees point of view in a growing business. To find all entrepreneurship cases and how to use them in class visit the website.

Finding a good mentor for a student start-up can be challenging

In the start-up phase of a company it can be especially valuable to be able to spar with an experienced entrepreneur. Therefore the Startup and Running platform was launched.
A mentor really makes the difference when starting a company. A mentor can also be of great value in a more mature phase of a company. On the platform student entrepreneurs can find experienced mentors, active entrepreneurs, who can advise in the various phases of the start-up.
Visit the website Startup and Running to learn more.

Blended learning benefits both teachers and students

Blended learning is the combination of online (lecture material) and offline (personal contact) educational activities within a course or curriculum. This is in particular suitable for entrepreneurship education, in which experiential learning is central and the need for knowledge is highly context-dependent.
To find more information about blended learning visit the blended learning website.