Blended Learning

Blended Learning, briefly stated, is the well-thought-out combination of complementary and mutually reinforcing online and face-to-face activities, which can lead to an increase in learning efficiency and student motivation. At the same time, Blended Learning can also bring about cost reductions. The successful implementation of Blended Learning requires craftsmanship when it comes to facilitating  interactions between management, teachers and students.

Blended Learning and entrepreneurship education: a perfect match

Blended Learning is particularly suitable for entrepreneurship education with its emphasis on entrepreneurs’ need for autonomy, and where the construction of knowledge is highly context-dependent.

Showcases Blended Learning pilots

Here you can watch videos containing the reactions of some of the Blended Learning pilot participants. A few teachers reflect on their redesigned Blended Learning courses while students explain how they experienced this novel educational method.

Be part of the Blended Learning Pilot community

In the Entrepreneurship Blended Learning Pilot Community (EBLPC), visitors can peruse all assignments where participating teachers reflect on analysing, (re)designing, developing, executing and evaluating their course. Watch the video to learn more about the structure of this Blended Learning community, including lessons learned and best practices.