Physics on Demand

A great opportunity to collaborate with the Amsterdam physics community

For companies the Physics on Demand program offers opportunities to strengthen their R&D power with innovations and facilities of the Amsterdam universities. With this program specific scientific expertise, equipment and state-of-the-art research facilities are made available through collaborative partnerships.
In addition we offer the Research Facilities database via which companies have access to high-end equipment, research instruments and expertise for their R&D activities.
Reach out to one of our business developers if this sounds interesting to you.

Bridge the gap towards a collaboration with industrial partners

For researchers who want to collaborate with industrial partners the IXAnext program provides the Physics2Market Grant. This grant is meant for situations in which companies need further prove that a science based concept or technique can have a practical application before they agree on cooperating. It helps researchers to validate physics-related research and encourages knowledge utilization.

The total available budget is € 250,000. Researchers can apply projects, in the extension of their research, with a budget between 10 and 35k€. There is no deadline; application is possible continuously. IXA will award the Physics2Market Grant to researchers as long as the budget is available.

Art Bos
Business Developer Exact Sciences   |   020-59 89 903

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Business Developer APRIL   |   020-59 83 069

Peter van der Donk
Business Developer UvA-FNWI