Physics on Demand

Strengthen your R&D power by collaborating with the Amsterdam physics community.

For companies, the Physics on Demand programme offers the opportunity to strengthen their R&D power with innovations and facilities of the Amsterdam universities. By building collaborative partnerships, specific scientific expertise, equipment and state-of-the-art research facilities will be made available.
In addition, our Research Facilities database provides access to high-end equipment, research instruments and expertise for R&D activities.
If you are interested, please reach out to one of our business developers.

Bridging the gap and facilitating collaboration with industrial partners

For researchers seeking to collaborate with industrial partners, the IXAnext program provides the Physics2Market Grant. This grant encourages knowledge utilisation, by helping researchers validate physics-related research. This is helpful when companies need further proof that a science-based concept or technique can indeed have a practical application before they agree to collaborate.

This financial instrument is closed for applications. The total available budget of €250,000 has been spent.

Peter Cirkel
Business Developer APRIL   |   020-59 83 069


The IXAnext valorisation programme is made possible with a contribution of the City of Amsterdam.